Chairs with Custom Photo Laminate Finish

Create a one-of-a-kind furniture piece through the Cool 2 Mix (C2M) chair configurator. Add your own custom digital print to be displayed on the seat of your choosing. The C2M chairs provide both comfort and design. Create a seat that seamlessly fits into your design environment and perfectly displays your taste.

A one of a kind chair – in just a few clicks

In our Cool 2 Mix chair configurator you can have any seat finish; from wood veneers to a custom digital laminate. Explore your creativity, whether you are looking for a dark blue seat that creates a tranquil space, a red upholstered barstool for your dining space or custom chairs featuring your own logo, C2M has the ability to create furniture as unique as your concept.

In our Cool 2 Mix chair configurator you can combine:

Foto: Chairs with Custom Photo Laminate Finish. Source: Aceray
  • 8 shape of chair seats
  • 6 chair frame options
  • 3 shapes of stool seats
  • 3 stool frame options
  • 10 standard cut outs
  • 8 seat surface material options
  • Unlimited amount of design possibilities
  • Thousands of laminated options
  • Endless design options through custom digital print and custom cut outs and engravings

Why choose the Cool 2 Mix chair?

  • The chairs are ecologically processed. All decorative C2M chairs are made of beech veneer and are manufactured in accordance with FSC rules. They are free from Formaldehyde (E1-norm) and are finished with water-based stains and lacquers. The beech wood veneer is processed taking into consideration a carefully managed wood solution resulting in lesser wood consumption.
  • All chairs have a strong and resistant construction. The metal frame of the C2M chairs is made of a special high resistant tube with high carbon content called ASFROM, making resistance to breakage reach 420 Newton. The chairs have been tested and passed a still weight test of 150 kg/330 lbs.
  • Charismatic design. The shapes and frame options of the decorative C2M chairs have been designed in Italy and invented in such a way that all possible combinations result in an unique and elegant piece of furniture.
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