The Effects of Color Choice within Interior Design

In order to make your new chair or barstool a strikingly unique piece of furniture, color choice should be one of the main things considered, as it is usually the first design attribute noticed. What messages are you interested in portraying? Do you wish to establish a cozy home setting or a bold design to impress your guests? In both cases, the right seat color will help contribute to your design.

The design space intended for the chair will influence color choice. Offices tend to choose black seats due to its minimalist elegance, while hospitals and doctor waiting rooms tend to choose a yellow or green seat to reduce the feeling of a sterile or monotone environment.

Apart from color preferences of the client, attention must be placed on the additional interior features such as wall coverings, carpet and accessories as well as other pieces of furniture to create a harmonized look. Room lighting also plays a role in color decision; a light or white colored chair will help illuminate a darker space, while a grey or brown chair will create an intense, sultry look.

White Chairs

Photo: White chairs look stylish in dining areas and restaurants. Source: Aceray

White is the color of purity, which lightens and brightens up spaces. When choosing a white chair, it is important to consider the additional pieces within the room. If too many features are white, the chairs will not create a sufficient color contrast. White chairs are often used in dining rooms but will also serve well in offices or conference rooms.

Black Chairs

Black is elegant, minimalizing and draws attention on itself. Black chairs are suitable for coffee places, restaurants or meeting rooms. Combined with lighter colors, black complements an overall look. However, combining multiple dark pieces, if not harmonized with, the remaining space can create a feeling of depression or sadness.

Red Chairs

Photo: Red chair with grey flower pattern. Material –laminate on beech veneer, steel frame with polished chrome finish.

Red is an intense color making it a great option for seating. Red chairs liven up and boost the interior of the room. Red enhances appetite, making it a great fit for dining establishments. In office or work environments, red tends to be distracting as it could be considered provocative or irritating.

Pink Chairs

Pink is a romantic color that stands out in interior designs. A popular color, pink produces a wide variety of interpretations among guests. Pink creates a calming effect and is soothing to the eye, but is generally linked to the female population and some may think the color is "too sweet". Pink tends to show up in a stylish location, wedding venues or salons.

Blue Chairs

Blue usually correlates with the sky and the sea. There are many different hues of blue varying for a deep navy to a bright teal. Blue has a calming ability and increases attention, making it well suited for work environments such as offices and conference rooms. Darker shades of blue work well in quiet, tranquil installations while lighter shades are often used in waterfront restaurants and bars.

Green Chairs

Green is the dynamic color of nature. It is becoming more popular for interior design due to its calming effect, and how it provides a relaxing and refreshing environment. It is a very versatile color, working well in fitness studios, offices, schools and dining facilities. If your design wants to illuminate the feeling of freshness or energy, green is the ideal color.

Brown Chairs

Photo: Brown chair in Zebrano beech veneer. Due to its shape this chair is stackable. Source: Aceray

Brown is the color of earth, which absorbs light. Seating in brown, usually wooden materials, are suitable in spaces with natural light where a calming effect is needed. Brown evokes stability and confidence. Lighter shades of brown tend to be used in dining facilities to create a feeling of harmony and peace.

Grey Chairs

Grey is a compromise between black and white. It is a neutral color, suiting spaces that do not intend guests to feel a certain emotion. Grey is ideal for work environments in offices and meeting rooms. It works well with all colors, smoothing the effects of strong, bold colors or enhancing dynamic colors within the interior.

Yellow Chairs

Yellow is the brightest and warmest color, associated with the color of the sun. It encourages a good mood and warm feelings. Yellow supports the mind, calms the nerve and boost thinking. It helps to relax guest and prompt conversation. Yellow chairs can be used in all areas where creativeness is sought after such as studios, offices and clubs.

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