About Aceray Cool2Mix Chairs


Cool2Mix was introduced in 2008 as a customizable design option for hospitality and contract industries

Photo: Chairs made of beech veneer in combination with metal frames are trendy. Source Aceray


  • High quality – seats that lasts
  • All seats are made of beech veneer and are manufactured in accordance with FSC rules. It is free from Formaldehyde (E1-norm) and is finished with water-based stains and lacquers.
  • The metal frame is made of a special high resistant tube with high carbon content called ASFROM. Resistance to breakage is 420 Newton.
  • The R Frame is a round tube 18mm x 2.0mm
  • The Sled base is a solid steel rod 12mm in diameter
  • The C2M Side chair has been tested and passed a still weight test of 150kg/330lbs


Italian design that grants unlimited possibilities

  • Seat shapes and frames designed in Italy
  • 8 shape of chair seats
  • 6 chair frame options
  • 3 shapes of stool seats
  • 3 stool frame options
  • 10 standard cut outs
  • 8 seat surface material options
  • Unlimited amount of design and color possibilities
  • Thousands of laminate options through Abet Laminati and Arpa USA
  • Endless design options through Custom Digital Print upload
  • Ability to engrave logos, or custom cut outs


5 Year Warranty, this warranty does not cover:

  • Wear and tear
  • Upholstery materials either supplied by Aceray or the purchaser
  • Laminate – subject to warranty of the laminate company
  • Product Failure, Damage or injury caused by:
    • unreasonable or abusive use
    • failure to provide necessary reasonable care
    • failure to follow maintenance guidelines
    • accident, tampering or negligence
    • unauthorized repairs
    • after market changes to the product

Periodic maintenance is necessary. Products should be inspected at least once a month for damage or signs of structural fatigue incurred in daily handling in addition to receiving regular cleaning & maintenance (i.e. screws and bolts should be tightened, foot caps and glides replaced regularly). If a defect is found, take the item out of service immediately and contact Aceray LLC. All warranty, both expressed and implied, shall be invalid if proper care and maintenance procedures are not followed. Consult Care & Maintenance section in Aceray Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Coats and other articles should not be hung on the back of chairs. This practice may cause chairs to be unstable. Do not stand, lean, climb, kneel or rock on any products. Chairs are not designed to be placed seat down on table surfaces. Chairs stored in this manner are unstable. The shock of chairs falling from table tops may compromise the structural integrity of the shell/base attachment. This damage is not covered under Aceray's warranty.

Damage to chairs caused by stacking/unstacking methods are not controllable by Aceray and are not covered under Aceray's warranty.

Should a defect occur, Aceray's sole obligation will be to repair or replace at our option defective goods free of charge provided the product is returned to us promptly, as directed, prepaid, and with an RMA number. All costs for labor, furniture installation, removal from service and reinstallation due to warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer. Aceray LLC will not be liable for costs associated with any of the above conditions.

Under no circumstances shall Aceray's warranty exceed the original price paid for the merchandise. Any refund extended will be prorated. Repair or replacement of discontinued products will be at the discretion of Aceray.

No reimbursements for repairs made in the field will be allowed without prior written consent.

Variations in colors, grain or texture beyond reasonable commercial match are not warranted due to natural characteristics of the materials used. If the item's useful life expires, it must be handled as waste. This means it must be handed over to a licensed facility for disposal (such as a waste collection facility).

No other warranty expressed or implied.

Material Choices

Wood Veneer

  • Current design trend is mixing wood with metal
  • Light wood colors like natural or bleached beech wood are currently popular
  • Wood Veneer provides more flexibility in seat design as opposed to solid wood
  • Uses less wood to create product
  • 11 color options


  • Aceray Standard High Pressure (HP) Laminates are Abet and Arpa Brands
  • Thousands of finish options
  • Minimum quantities apply

Custom Digital Print

  • Technology Using Custom Digital Images to create custom design on Chairs and Stools
  • Upload PDF to cool2mix.com
  • Minimum quantities apply

Regenerated Leather Seats

Photo: Chair in natural regenerated leather. Frame in polished chrome. Stylish and comfortable. Source Aceray
  • Upholstered Leather Seats manufactured in natural regenerated leather
  • Applied to ½ HR foam
  • Created from the scraps of hides
  • 17 color options


  • Short Seat Pad, Tall Seat Pad or Fully Upholstered options
  • Seat Pads made using ½" High Resilient Foam Upholstered with Aceray Vinyl
  • Fully Upholstered seats covered with 1" High Resilient Foam Upholstered with Aceray Vinyl or COM Materials
  • 96 Vinyl options available through Aceray
  • Unlimited possibilities with COM program


  • See attached for C2M Size Specs
  • Some Installations for this product include: Sacramento International Airport Food Courts, Google Headquarters, University of Southern California, Wake Forest University, Olathe South High School, Delta Dental Headquarters, Burger 21, The Meridian at Brentwood, BJC Health System, Café Helios, McDonalds, University of Massachusetts, Pressroom Café, Casino Royale, Du Jour Café, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Roquette America Headquarters, Digitas, City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City, and University of California in San Diego.
  • Color Choices are completely unlimited thanks to the varieties provided by Aceray Vinyl's, Abet Laminati options, Arpa Brand options, COM and Wood Veneer finishes. Ability to mold design to any mood, setting or ambiance.
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