Introducing Cool2Mix

Photo: Choose your own print from your photo gallery in our chair configurator. Source Aceray

Cool2Mix was launched in April 2014 as a chair configuring website that takes you, as the customer through the customization process step by step. It is a distinct seating product line offering customers the capability for complete personal customization. Cool2Mix offers millions of possibilities to make side chairs, counter stools and barstools unique to the end user through options such as laminates, wood veneers, color choices and the opportunity to provide a jpeg file to be printed onto the chair’s finish.

At the end of the chair customization process, your are requested to fill out a quote form. Your contact information, along with an image of the created chair is emailed to the customer service team at Aceray to provide further assistance in quoting prices, lead time and other information. Cool2Mix offers a one-of-a-kind experience to professionals in the design world that is exclusively presented by Aceray.

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