Choose the most suitable chair for your office

Photo: An office chair can be both elegant and practical. Here in laminate on beech veneer with a polished chrome caster frame. Source: Aceray

The office is where many of us spend 40+ hours per week, usually sitting. In order to perform exceptionally in the work place, employees must feel comfortable to avoid distractions. One of the most import things in office design is making the right chair choice. Your spine must have adequate support to eliminate back aches and long-term injuries. In addition, adjustable features, inclination and toughness of the back support must also be considered.

Aceray's Cool 2 Mix chairs are an ideal option for stylish office furnishings, providing a modern feel captured by Italian design. These chairs are perfectly suitable as office guest seats, conference chairs or in a reception area or lobby. In every space, the chair will capture the guest's eye.

Leather chairs, a modern and comfortable seating solution

Leather office chairs have quickly become a favorite due to their sleek look and comfortable nature. Create your own personal modern office chair using our cool2mix chair configurator. Let your imagination run wild in your design, choose your own material, color, shape and frame option. Looking for a leather alternative? Wooden desk chairs or upholstered options are stylish substitutes which are also enabled through the C2M Chair configurator.

Interested in having unique, attractive, one-of-a-kind chairs from renowned Italian designers that enhances your space and provide a strong design element? You are in the right place! Start your personal chair customization!

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